Global Health Services

AGHPF also commonly known as the Foundation is a United States of America based non-profit organisation with regional coordinating offices for Africa in Kampala, Uganda. AGHPF was founded in August 2002 and is dedicated to improving lives by providing sustainable high-quality services and strengthening quality systems for communities and governments.

In August 2002, AGHPF was founded with one of its goals to transfer knowledge and strengthen the skills of laboratory professionals. Today, the Foundation continues to use training and mentorships as a key driver to enhance the technical ‘‘Know-how’’ of the laboratory professionals. The Foundation has invested in its associates and a faculty of subject matter experts making it a premier organisation in the area of Management Systems development and implementation (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, ISO 18001 and ISO 33010 to mention a few). Our team has benefited from world class trainings by SANAS, SADCAS, CAP – LAP and CERTVALUE thus providing the Foundation with a strong understanding into the inside of Accrediting/Certification Bodies.

The Foundation runs a number of core trainings along with supplemental trainings every year. Our training department runs these trainings in a way that allows laboratory professionals in public health, research and diagnostic laboratories to sharpen their skills and achieve certification goals.

As a result of the AGHPF’s training, 1053 laboratory professionals have been trained. The direct result of these trainings has been an increase in the number of laboratories that have moved from zero Star to two and three Stars and the number of accredited laboratories to international standards. The communities where these laboratories are located boast of reliable patient results and reduced patient wait-time. At the Foundation, training is at the core of the capacity building and knowledge transfer. Therefore, the Global Clinical Services division is always evaluating its services in the field and working very closely with the training department to develop courses, materials and tools that will ease the uptake of the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) knowledge and strengthen the laboratory. Working with experts in the field, accreditation bodies, university faculty, international standards and other interested parties, a curriculum is developed to ensure that it meets certification upon successful completion.

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