AGHPF Tender Bids

Invitation to bid for tenders at AGHPF

Prequalification is a pre-tender process that provides for a shortlist of providers from which providers are obtained to bid. This is a prequalification application solicitation document for potential providers for two financial years. 

AGHPF will evaluate and prequalify all eligible companies for the provision of various requirements for two financial years. Once a firm has been prequalified, it will stand a chance of being invited, several times during the two financial years, to submit a bid(s) for the provision of some or all of the requirements. Bidders are advised that at the discretion of AGHPF, framework contracts may result from this process for some items. AGHPF reserves the right to add similar types of requirements to the list in this document. 

AGHPF invites online Applications from reputable providers of requirements for the provision of various requirements for two financial years.

Cost of Applying

The list of items required during the above mentioned financial years is given later in proceeding sections of this document. 

Clarification of Prequalification Documents

A prospective Applicant requiring any clarification of the documents may notify AGHPF by cable (hereinafter, the term cable is deemed to include telephone & e-mail) AGHPF will make efforts to respond prior to the deadline for the submission of Applications. 

  • For clarification purposes only, the Entity’s address is:
  • Attention: Procurement Unit
  • Street Address: Plot 12 Makindu Lane Kololo
  • Town/City: Kampala
  • Postal Code P.O. Box 75048, Kampala.
  • Country: Uganda
  • Telephone: 0707 555 904

Language of Application

The Application prepared by the Applicant, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Application exchanged by the Applicant and AGHPF, shall be written in English. Supporting documents and printed literature provided by the Applicant may be in another language provided they are accompanied by an accurate translation of the relevant passages in English, in which case, for purposes of interpretation of the Application, the translation shall govern.

Documents Establishing the Applicant’s Eligibility and Qualifications

The Applicant shall provide as part of its Application, documentary evidence of the Applicant’s legal status, financial, technical and production capability to provide the services if a contract is awarded in the format provided in the Application Submission Sheet. Failure to provide the required information may result in disqualification.

Submission of the Application

The Applicant is requested to submit their Prequalification documents via email subject: Category of service for which they are applying. Where an applicant wishes to be prequalified in more than one category, they shall submit separate applications as above.

Deadline for Submission of Applications

Applications must be received by AGHPF via not later than January 18th 2021 

Late Applications

Any Application received after the deadline for submission of Applications prescribed by AGHPF will be rejected.


AGHPF will notify all Applicants in writing or by e-mail, that they have been prequalified to provide particular requirements for the Financial Years 2020/2021. AGHPF reserves the right to conduct a physical inspection of the premises of the Applicant at its own cost and discretion. If, after the inspection, it is deemed that the physical structure and quality of service equipment is unsatisfactory, then the Application will be rejected. AGHPF reserves the right to verify all information submitted.


All monetary/financial information furnished, must be quoted in Uganda Shillings.


The evaluation criteria shall be based on four main areas namely


  1. Provider/Physical address
  2. Memo & Articles of Association
  • List of Directors
  1. Cert. of Incorporation / Registration
  2. Valid Income Tax Clearance
  3. Valid VAT Registration Certificate
  • Valid Trading License
  • Power of Attorney
  1. Audited Accounts for any two of the last four years
  2. Accessibility (phone, fax, e-mail)
  3. Names of the contact person
  4. Banker’s details


  1. Firms should provide evidence of experience of at least 2 years in the area(s) that they apply for


  1. Firms should exhibit both financial as well as human resource capacity
  2. Firms should submit two references of organizations where they have provided requirements similar to what they are applying for. Direct contact with the contact person should be provided for this.

Technical and quality requirements

  1. Where a firm applies for an area that requires special quality requirements, relevant documents should be submitted and will be considered for evaluation purposes
  2. Firms should submit any certificates relevant for the provision of requirements applied for.

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