AGHPF in the Community

World Health Organisation (WHO,2020) reported that acute malnutrition is among the leading causes of ill health and death amongst infants and adolescents living with HIV/ AIDS globally. AGHPF through our humanitarian arm The Global Healthcare Services (GHS) donated UGX 3 Million to support Baylor Uganda Clinical Centre of Excellence to feed children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDs. Research done by UNAIDS in 2018 found out that of the estimated 38 million people worldwide living with HIV, approximately 1.7 million are children under 15 years of age.

Since 2010, new HIV infections among children have declined by 41%, but only half (54%) of all children living with HIV are getting treatment and 100,000 children died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2018. About 500 children are newly infected with HIV every day since the disease predisposes children and adolescents to conditions that prevent absorption of nutrients which results in malnutrition. Our core value is improving the quality of life in communities and putting a smile on children’s faces is one of many causes we a committed to.

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