Ways to Give

Corporate Donations of Goods and Services

Companies that deal in items like nonperishable food, toys, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, educational supplies and disaster relief supplies play a huge role in the work we do.

Why Donate?

Donating goods to AGHPF benefits your company in a number of ways:

  • Tax savings: Your company can receive up to twice the cost of the products you donate.
  • Reduction of inventory handling: Children and their families can use your unsaleables, overages and dated products, including personal care items, paper products and baby items.
  • Accountability: Our systems can tell you where your product went, when it was delivered and who benefited from it.
  • Capacity: We’re well-equipped to handle large donations, and we’re always happy to work with small volumes. We’ll customize a distribution plan just for your business.
  • Your philanthropy can be good news: We feature our gift-in-kind partners in social media and other marketing, giving your company recognition for its generosity.
  • Your gift has wings: We can ensure your donation is distributed responsibly among a variety of agencies. Your goods will be connected with the number of organizations you prefer, in your neighborhood or around the world.
  • Peace of mind: Nothing you donate to AGHPF will be sold elsewhere, and everything we deliver to children and their families is always free of charge.
  • Hungry children directly benefit from your gift: Millions of them! We distribute food and other supplies to children in need and their families throughout the United States and around the world.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support the causes closest to you. AGHPF helps millions of children around the world thanks to workplace contributions.

Benefits of Workplace Giving

Workplace giving has benefits for employers:

  • Shows you care about the causes that matter to your employees.
  • Improves employee morale, loyalty and engagement.
  • Improves your company’s image by publicly demonstrating your commitment to philanthropy.

It also has benefits for employees:

  • Streamlined charitable donations through payroll deduction.
  • Opportunity to choose which charities to support each year.
  • Tax-deductible contributions when employees give to AGHPF through workplace giving campaigns.

Vehicle Donations

When you donate a vehicle to AGHPF, it’s truly a win-win: You can get rid of something you no longer need, and we can translate your gift into food and other essentials for children in need.

Donating your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, trailer or other vehicle to AGHPF is easy and has many benefits:

  • It’s tax-deductible (as allowable by law).
  • The process is quick and easy.
  • You get free nationwide vehicle pickup and towing.
  • It’s a hassle-free way to dispose of your car or other vehicle.
  • Vehicles of all types and conditions are accepted.

And most important, when you donate a car to AGHPF, you make a lasting change in the lives of children who need help

Churches and Faith Based Groups

When your church partners with AGHPF, you’re putting faith into action with an organization you can trust. Your members can take a practical, hands-on approach to helping kids be kids — in your community or around the world.

Partnering as a church with AGHPF helps you:

  • Send food and other essentials to children around the world.
  • Reach your mission goals.
  • Build transformational relationships with those we serve.